Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Well. Look Who's Here


 Honestly, I have no words to describe how long it's been.  It seems the more I want to post, the more life decides to rip me away from Blender and CG.  So! Here is a long awaited (by not many people) post about everything going on in my CG world!

But first, this news.

Not much has happened in the space of five months, except for two new versions of Blender.  They have some snazzy features, such as pi menu tools,

which are a neat way of moving around in the Blender UI.  I don't like them much, but they're there and up for use.  Also, Ivy generation has taken a huge leap forward, with preset UV unwrapping and other snazzy stuff, which makes for easy plant creation.  Cycles also has thrown forward huge leaps in speed and render times.  Everything is looking up!

Another big announcement arises in the fact that CG cookie, the tutorial site for Blender and computer art in general, is compacting into one big cookie site.  Prices will rise, and other interesting things will happen.  So, the wonderful tutorials located on there are getting even more wonderful.

Blender guru is also starting a new CG texture site.  Apparently its going to cost something, (of course) but it will have high quality textures with displacement and normal maps included.  I'm excited for this, because I'm tired of making my own textures from the images I have.  Exciting!

Most of my time over the past couple months has been spent working on some skills that I thought were lacking in Blender.  Several highlights:

This is the image for a project I'm doing for the Blender Guru Steampunk Contest.  I'm doing it in 3D and making it do cool stuff, such as fighting huge robots.  It's already almost completely modeled and it is doing great. Images will be neat.

Another project I am doing on Blender Cookie.  He is already complete, fully, done. Yay!  I also 3D printed him on our school's printer, and he looks wonderful.  I would include a picture, but I'm lazy to go find a camera.

Another momentous occasion arises by the fact that I am taking two classes next year: Radio 2, and Digital Media that will give me at least 2 hours every two days to work only on Blender and CG.  Also, I have a photography class that will (hopefully) teach me something about composition.

So! That's about it for now.  I'm not going to include examples of my projects and other stuff for a little.  Sorry..

That's all for now.

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