Monday, June 15, 2015

A Project and HDRI Textures

   So.  Here early on this Monday morning, (the computer was rendering all of last night)  I see the final image of the first stage of a scene I modeled after my grandparent's kitchen.  I am extremely happy with everything so far, and feel this is a project I can continue on and push forward with.

   Did you notice how the back window of our beginnings of a house opens into a subway?  Yeah.  Issue.  The Background is something called an HDRI which is an enormous resolution image that is bent in such a way that the 3d program can instantly form it into a background.  Basically, it's almost a prebuilt scene for you.
   I used this one because it has a wide spectrum of color, that will accurately test the lighting scheme.  You won't see this image like this ever, because I don't like warm color schemes.  Until later.

    Here are the basic fixes I am going to do:

   And that is all I have for now!  Thanks.

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