Sunday, December 14, 2014

Salutations and New Jobs!

   Hello, long time no see.  It definitely has been a while since a post, (no excuse, there it is)  but I have my reasons.

  First, I have done several freelance jobs!  I am simply sitting happily and waiting for my paycheck.  (unfortunately, due to some contract agreement things I can't show any pictures of the work)  Everything in that department has been going happily, and I have been hired at a fairly good rate.

   Second, I have been mainly doing test renders for different things that I am trying to do.  So!  I am going to show you lots of test renders, and introduce a tutorial, coming soon!

  So I discovered that some of the coolest things to make are the easiest to make.  I was just screwing around, and discovered a really neat effect I can pull off.  Just ask me for the animation if you want to see it.  It's magical.

Then I.....

Did a BlenderGuru tutorial,

Made a monkey,

Played around with logos and special effects,

And made a Christmas render, just for you!  Feel free to use it however you want.

Render Boredom:    Basically those three hours when I'm rendering out a rather large picture and I just sit around and do nothing.  Work on another project?  Nope.  Blender is busy.  Do absolutely anything on the computer?  Nope.  CPU is being eaten like the world's most delicious plate of curry.  Nothing left.  So, what to do?  Nah, couldn't do anything productive, like homework for a change. Better go spend those three hours oohing and aahing at all the gorgeous CG art out there.  Speaking of which, Let me show you the latest inspiration for a render:
These are fairly gorgeous pictures taken by StormChasers.  My thanks to them for some truly inspiring images.

Also,  announcing:  "The Blenderfire Tutorial Series."  This is a new series, made by yours truly, that will help Blender users to be able to do neat things!

Plus, I have finished a podcast that I will release extremely soon.

The first video I will release will be called "Blender is Doing Something Weird" where I will address the biggest things that make Blender do wacky things.  Coming (hopefully) within the week.

Until then,

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