Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On Architectural Renders, and Why They Are Annoying

   Architectural render:  Basically somebody making a 3d model of some part or all of a house and rendering it out.  They normally look amazing and inspiring.  NOTE FOR THE FOLLOWING PICTURES: I DID NOT MAKE THESE. Also, they are not pictures. They are renders.

     These are examples of professional, well done renders. They are very photo-realistic, and beautifully designed.  This is what architectural renders should actually look like.
     There actually are schools that entirely teach you how to do architectural renders, such as the:

    (that was the architecture academy done by Andrew Price in case you couldn't see the image)
   Only issue is, those cost lots of money.  So!  Here I am without them.  But its not problem, really, because I still have access to the wonderful forums of Blender where I can still learn a whole bunch.  
     So, I was kind of desperate for a chance to do an architectural render, when I found the opportunity to model some tentative designs for a bathroom.  I jumped at the opportunity!  I was incredibly excited for the chance to do this.  The only issue is, is that it is harder then most people, including me, think.  
     After about a good solid hour of modeling, I had something like this.  

    Of course, there are no materials added, so it looks terrible.  That's not the point.  What I did discover is that architectural renders are very much harder then people makes it look.  On reason for this is that with most rooms, we like things to intersect.  This is good, because it looks nice!  The only issue is that when you get two flat faces together in CG, the programs get a little snarky.  They screw up faces and flip normals and shade objects strangely.  So, you have to be clever and model in such a way that no faces intersect.  Fun!
    So, I worked more and more.  Added textures, unwrapped stuff, tried to add lighting, make more photo-realism.  And I will release the picture as soon as I have finished it! 
   More to come soon.

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